The diversity of India : A blessing or A curse?

India is known as largest democratic country by population and the home of around 1.34 billion people out of 7.6 billion people from whole world. It will not be the exaggeration if someone says that India is the most diverse country of the world by any means like geography, religion, language etc. This means India should be one the world’s leading country because it has every type of resources like rivers, mountains, fields, coastal area, surplus men power and imagine the vision and personality of it’s leaders because they are selected by this huge population democratically but the India is far behind from world’s leading country like USA, European countries, China, Russia, Japan, Israel etc which have limited resources in general than India. What is stopping India to come in front line in the world?

     India is also known as land of spirituals and intellects which is really great in some sense but too many intellects means too many leaders, too many different ideas and ways even for a simple problem. Every intellect thinks that their idea is better than others and should be implemented or they should lead and when it is not done, their ego hurts and they start looking for the ways to put others down or for a revenge. Sometimes they try to separate communities or even leak strategic informations to outsiders. This was the most important cause why foreign invaders like Mughals, Britishers etc attacked and ruled India with few thousands army personnel. One of the Indian state’s king hated other but could not be able to defeat him so he invited foreign invaders to attack and slowly India became slave. Britishers got the pulse and they followed “divide and rule” and made the golden bird to a country of poor and hunger by limitless looting it.

     Well India is also known for it’s unity in diversity and the best example is fight for independence where people from all religions, castes fought together against Britishers rule but again got divided just during last phase of fight for independence. This was not a small level division, it broke India into two parts and these two countries are still not able to make peace with each other.

     Now let us focus on the independent India. After independence, India became democratic and being democratic means to provide equal opportunities to everyone. This brought caste based reservation system in India. The purpose of this system was to include backward’s caste people in main stream. This might be a good idea for that time but as time passed, it started to loose it’s main aim to provide opportunity to backwards. Currently only few of the real entitled are able to use this advantage otherwise it is used mostly by the people and their family whom were backward earlier and became something using reservation. The caste based reservation system also became a political weapon like give me vote, I will give reservation to your caste or increase the quota if already have reservation. This is again dividing the society because sometimes general people don’t get chance due to reservation even if they are better in merit or poor general people get less opportunity than rich backward. If courts try to make rule better, the backward people start riot and burn the public and private properties. I mean who will not want to keep the reservation which give them so many thing even if they are not eligible. The parliament can’t remove the reservation because after removing, the government will fall in next election for sure.

     At last, the great diversity of India gives it different identity in world as it is home of so many different people, thought, religion and so on but sometimes it is also a curse like it is one of the reason that one Indian king helped foreign invaders to attack on another Indian king, then riots due to religions, castes and many other unnecessary problems due to which we are unable to be at our peak productivity level and compete with front line countries of world.

3 thoughts on “The diversity of India : A blessing or A curse?

  1. Wow, really interesting read. Honestly I hadn’t given much thought to the political/socioeconomic problems of India. I would be interested to read in a future post if you have any thoughts on lessening the division between the people groups.

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  2. India sure is an abundant and diverse nation. The strength of India lies with and its people and it’s diversity. Progress and change takes time and it is a matter of time before India takes it place as a major world power, if that is what the people of India wants. For now, I watch fondly as Indian society ebbs and flows.

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