The Rune King Thor : The origin

So most of us have already watched the Marvel’s Avengers: Inifinity War (2018) movie. We have got a chance to see one of the strongest villain of MCU i.e. Thanos on screen. In the movie, no one could stand against him excepting Thor with Stormbreaker even when Thanos had the infinity gauntlet. Thor took full power of a neutron start while building Stormbreaker. This shows how powerful Thor can be. Well, in comic book there are many versions of Thor like the unworthy Thor, ultimate Thor, Thor Odinson, and many more.  In this blog, I will discuss about the strongest version of Thor i.e. The Rune King Thor.

Origin of The Rune King Thor

The origin of this version of Thor was very struggling. That was the time of ragnarok where Odin was already dead, and Thor was the king of Asgard. On the other hand, Loki who always wanted to be more powerful than Thor, was destroying Asgard with help of his children. Loki forged a copy of Mjolnir with the help of Surtur. So Loki had same weapon as Thor as well as an army, his children and Surtur whom were helping him. Due to this, Asgard with its ally realms got destroyed, excepting Valhalla and Vanaheim where Loki wanted to rule.

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Most of the Thor’s people died and whomever not, were trying to hide from Loki’s army. Ultimately it was the end of Asgard i.e. ragnarok. Slowly Thor started realizing this truth because he was failing to save his people every time. Even his hammer got broken and he became too weak to save his people. But there was a difference between Thor and other Asgardian gods that Thor also lived as a human being and hence, he was not going to give up very easily. After failing everytime, he started to follow his father Odin’s path: the path to get ancient runes and their magic. But it was so hard that Odin had to sacrifice his one eye into Mimir’s well and hanged himself from world’s tree for nine days and night. Thor had to do the same to get that wisdom, magic and power to save his people. But when Thor put his one eye in the well, nothing happened because this was already done by Odin. Thor must had to do some greater sacrifice than this.

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At that time, due to unworthiness, he also didn’t have Odin force but yes, Odin force guided him. Odin force told to Thor to put his both eyes in the Mimir’s well and hang himself from world’s tree till his death. Means, ultimately Thor had to die to get rune’s power and magic, and he did the same. He pored his two eyes in the Mimir’s well. Thor didn’t not understand what to do without his eyes, this was an unimaginable sacrifice. Suddenly, magical water started flowing from the Mimir’s well. Odin force asked Thor to drink and pour that water into his eyes.

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Thor started to see past events related to the Asgard as he poured magical water. He started to see every ragnarok cycle where Odin was died, creation of Earth, humans, avengers, death of his people, every past which didn’t know.

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He saw creation of the realms in the universe, and saw all the processes he wanted to know. Thor also got to know another truth that the ragnarok is an endless cycle and can’t be escaped from it.

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And with all these, he started to think what he should do. He started to cry in pain and sorrow. Odin force told him that if he wants to end this cycle, he must achieve magic of runes so that he can also see the future.

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Thor was too broken but he did what Odin force asked to. He hanged himself from world tree till his death. Thor got connected with his father’s spirit such a way that he saw every creation and knowledge existed in the world. Thor could now see the past and the future, control the present time.

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Even he could see all the possible ways which go to better future. He could see atoms, molecules, quantum structures, every architectures which could create and destroy life . Thor could also see beyond the cosmic architecture. Means Thor had got every knowledge of the universe. Runes showed him the future of every human and other living organisms.

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These realities were so horrible that Thor went undergo great mental anguish. He also got to know that only after destruction, creation is possible and ragnorak was that. Ancient runes showed him future of everything. He saw every deed of humans and gods. He saw every battle won and lost. He also saw why his father left him alone on earth as a mortal. He got to know that all those were just part of Odin’s plan so that Thor could live a human life and find a way to end the ragnarok cycle. Then Thor fell from world tree and death started calling him.

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It was impossible for Thor to get away from Hela in her realms. He asked a last help from his father to save himself from Hela/death. Even after Odin’s death, Odin’s spirit saved Thor from death.

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And then, Thor reached that place where Gods of Asgardian gods lived. Thor could now see all things which were impossible to see even by his original eyes. He wasn’t going to be dead there like Odin. He challenged to all of them that now time has been changed and he knows how to defeat all of you. Then he teleported himself to outside with the help of rune magic.

So this was the origin of Thor. In next blog, I will discuss about his powers etc.

PS: I have given references wherever needed and all characters belong to Marvel. I just tried to study and write about them because I am a Marvel and DC fan.

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