Habits which keep hurting India, morally and economically

India is a country of Lord Ram whom is known as ‘Maryada Purushottam’, Bheesm Pitamaha whom is known for keeping his oath, Parashuram known for his strength, Acharya Chanakya known for his intellect, planning and foresightedness etc. The list goes on. It is said that at the some point in the past, India contributed ~ 23 % to the world economy. So what did really happen that India now only contribute ~ 4 – 5 % to the world economy, divided in many parts and faces lots of challenges like population, poverty, crime against women, terrorism and so on? Well one of the most obvious answer is that it was invaded for a long time by Islamic and European invaders. They did not only loot India beyond imagination but also gave too many wounds to its thousands of years old culture.

Of course, invasion and looting, from foreigners in the past, are the most prominent reason due to which India is facing so many challenges even now. But how did it happen, when India was/is the birthplace of countless intellectuals, warriors and foreseeing legends. Were the enemies superior or problem was from inside?

If one carefully observes the history, the real problem can be clearly seen and it was not that the invaders were superior. One may argue that Indian states were not united at that time and hence its forces were divided. Lots of arguments can be made on this topic as everyone has their own understanding and opinion.

But I say, the problem was not invaders or divided Indian states. The real problem was the habit of Ego, Greed and Revenge of some Indian people. To satisfy these habits, they supported invaders against they hated or wanted any kind of revenge. They even did not care about their country, culture or ideology. History says, most of the invaders became successful only after getting help from an Indian traitor.

Even in the current time, this is happening. To satisfy their appetite of ego, greed of power, people are not caring about their ideology, oath or even mandate given by public. The latest example can be seen during Maharashtra government formation. People gave their mandate towards a growth oriented government but again some insider broke people’s trust to get power. Although, this time invaders are not from outside.

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